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    Terms & Conditions for the „Nike Air Max 200“-RAFFLE

    Terms & Conditions for the raffle “Win a Nike Air Max 200” in the period from 19.10 to 23.10.2019, 11:59 PM. The prize includes a Nike Air Max 200 from the current SIDESTEP assortment, available at www.sidestep-shoes.com.

    The raffle is available via the SIDESTEP Newsletter (published on 19.10.2019). Organizer of the raffle is the RUNNERS POINT B.V. & Co. KG, Division SIDESTEP, Tiroler Strasse 26, 45659 Recklinghausen ("SIDESTEP" or "we").

    1. Eligibility
    The participant may only participate in the raffle subject to terms & conditions. If the participant does not agree with the terms & conditions, a participation in the raffle cannot take place. Multiple participation is not possible. The participation of and via automated raffle services is prohibited. Employees of SIDESTEP and the RUNNERS POINT Group, representatives and their relatives are excluded from participating in the raffle. Participation in the raffle is free of charge. The participant only has to pay the internet connection fees. Participation is independent from the purchase of SIDESTEP products or services.

    2. Conduct of the raffle and drawing
    In the period from 19.10. to 23.10.2019, 11:59 PM the user is called via SIDESTEP Newsletter to write an email with the favorite color and size of the NIKE Air Max 200 from the current SIDESTEP assortment in response to the newsletter or to news@reply.sidestep-shoes.info to participate in the raffle. Each participant can only take part in the raffle once, in case of a multiple participation, the chronologically first application will be scored, additional applications will not be taken into account in the determination of the winner. The win will be raffled amongst all participants. The winner will be drawn by us after the end of the raffle and then be notified. The notification will be sent by email. Entries received after the winner has been identified, or otherwise than by email to news@reply.sidestep-shoes.info, will be disregarded in determining the winner. The electronic logged access of the participants email will determine the entry time in the raffle. By participating, the participant accepts the conditions of participation.

    3. Winner notification, claim and expiration of win
    The selected participant, whose act qualifies him/her for the prize ("winner"), will be notified by email after SIDESTEP has determined the winner. The notification will be sent no later than three days after the closing date. The win will expire if the originally drawn winner has not reported back by the deadline mentioned in the e-mail. He / she no longer has any claim after this deadline.

    4. Transfer of the win entitlement and replacement prizes
    A cash payment or transfer of the prize to third parties is not possible. If it is not possible to send the prize to a winner, or only under unreasonable circumstances, or if the original prize is no longer available, SIDESTEP will provide the winner with a substitute prize of equal or greater value.

    5. Exclusion of participants from the raffle
    SIDESTEP reserves the right to exclude participants who violate these terms and conditions or who try to gain an advantage through manipulation from participating in the ongoing competition and future competitions. In such a case, the prize can also subsequently be withdrawn and reclaimed and raffled to a replacement winner. A participant may in particular be excluded if the participant (i) is not eligible to participate, (ii) has provided incomplete or inaccurate information when participating, (iii) uses unauthorized aids or is otherwise subject to technical or other manipulation (eg scripts for automated participation, viruses, trojans, manipulation of the application) which brings improperly provided benefits; (iv) has committed fraudulent activity in connection with participation; (v) has violated applicable law by participating; or (vi) attracts attention by any other unfair or irregular conduct. The same applies to the attempt of the aforementioned actions.

    6. Early termination of the raffle
    SIDESTEP may interrupt or terminate the raffle at any time without previous notice if malfunctions, manipulations, viruses or similar circumstances occur which adversely affect the administration, security, fairness and integrity of the raffle process. From an interruption, an abort or a premature termination no claims of the participants can be derived.

    7. Liability
    SIDESTEP is liable only for intent and gross negligence or as required by mandatory law. SIDESTEP is not liable for content uploaded by the user. Claims against SIDESTEP cannot be asserted. Content that is pornographic, racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory will not be considered for the raffle. SIDESTEP dissociates itself from such contents and will delete corresponding contributions.

    8. Exemption
    The participant hereby exempts SIDESTEP from any culpably caused damages and in connection with his participation in the raffle.

    9. Privacy
    SIDESTEP collects, processes and uses as the responsible party the name and email address of the participant as well as the content of the raffle entry email. These personal data will be processed and used solely for the purpose of running the raffle, notifying the winners and sending the prize.

    10. Material and legal defects
    SIDESTEP is not liable for legal or material defects of the win.

    11. Exclusion of legal process
    SIDESTEP makes all decisions related to the conduct of the raffle in its own discretion. These decisions are final and unassailable. The legal process is excluded.

    12. Choice of law
    The raffle is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    13. Contact
    If you have questions about these terms and conditions, you can contact us in writing at RUNNERS POINT B.V. & Co. KG, Division SIDESTEP, Tiroler Straße 26, 45659 Recklinghausen.

    As of: 19.10.2019